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Location: Tower at Bellfountaine Rd Huber Heights, Ohio DARA Club site

Coordinates: 39.8479° N, 84.0992° W Grid Square: EM79wu

Elevation: 886 feet above sea level, 150 foot tower.

Transmitters: 421.250 MHz AM modulation, horizontal polarization 1258 MHz FM modulation, vertical polarization 428.000 MHz DVB-T Modulation QPSK @ 2 Mhz BW, Video PID 641, Audio PID 642 (HV310E) (DCI Interdigital filters in output lines of 421.25 MHz and 428 MHz ATV Transmitters)

Output Power - 421.250 MHz: (AM) 40 watts average 80 watts sync tip 428.000 MHz (DVB-T) 18 Watts 1258 MHz: 40 watts continuous

Transmit antennas: 421.250 MHz and 428 Mhz - Dual slot horiz. polarized 7 dBd gain (Analog and digital ATV transmissions simulcast on the same antenna) 1258 MHz - Diamond F-1230A2 vertically polarized antenna 9 dBd gain

Receivers: 144.340 MHz for F1 audio input control of touch tones 1280 MHz FM for video input 439.250 A5 Receiver (PC Electronics ATVR-4) 439.000 D2 Receiver (HiDes HV110)

Receive antennas: 144.340 MHz - Vert. polar. Hi Gain 12 dBd dual band 439.000/439.250 MHz - Horizontally polarized rib-cage antenna 1280 MHz - Diamond F-1230A2 vertically polarized antenna 9 dBd gain  


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