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Inside view, ready for wiring and the equipment

New Comm Van Interior

Outside view, ready for new paint

 New Comm Van Exterior

 Much progress has taken place on the new DARA Communication Van.  Most of it in the acquiring of parts and components.   The Van itself has been stripped down on the inside to the bare walls  and on the outside, all of the old decals have been removed.  Also the new flooring base has been installed inside the van.  Additionally, on the inside, layout of the 120 volt, 12 volt, and network cabling has been finalized, along with the Circuit Breaker Panels layout for both the 12 and 120 volt systems.   The outside monitor has been ordered and we are expecting it to arrive within a week or so.  The 40ft pnuematic mast has also arrived and I must say it is a piece or art!  (smile)   We are also working on finalizing the orders for the generator, outside equipment boxes, and the audio/video system, including the equipment racks.  Other progress has taken place on the Van includes starting of the mechanical refit of the Van.  The Transmission has been removed for overhaul as well.  The front windshield has been removed and resealed as a part of the normal refurb process. Liftgate maintenance, and partial brake maintenance has also occured.  Metal "Diamond Plate" will be soon mounted on the roof along with the installation of the pneumatic mast.



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